square27_bluegreen.gif  January

    square03_bluegreen.gif  New Year's Day

        Happy New Year!!

square27_bluegreen.gif  February

    square03_bluegreen.gif 2003 HCI

  • J.Jung S.Kim "MPEG-4 Audio Player for PDA"
  • N.Kim H.Lee D.Lee S.Kim "An Interaction-based MPEG-4 System Player in Windows OS"
  • S.Lee K.Cha S.Kim "An MPEG-4 Contents Authoring for Mobile Devices "
  • D.Lee H.Lee N.Kim S.Kim "The Implementation of Event Manager for the Efficiency of User Interaction of MPEG-4 Player"

  • When : February 10-13, 2003
  • Where : Phoenixpark, PyoungChang, KangWon


    square03_bluegreen.gif '2003 Korea Institute of Information Security & Cryptology

  • Sang-hyun Kim, Byung-wook Back, Chul-bum Kang, In-sung Park, Hee-jin Jang and Sangwook Kim
    "Development of Secure Home Network System Based on OSGi Framework"
  • Chul-bum Kang, Sang-hyun Kim, Jee-yong Kim, Hee-jin Jang, Sangwook Kim, Woojin Lee
    "A design and verification of object defensive mechanism specification language"

  • When : February 21, 2003

square27_bluegreen.gif  March

    square03_bluegreen.gif Wedding Ceremony : Hongchul Kim

square27_bluegreen.gif  April

    square03_bluegreen.gif The 30th KISS Spring Conference

  • Sang-hyun Kim, Byungwook Back, Chulbum Kang, Hyunchul Bae, Dongphil Kim, Insung Park and Sang-wook Kim
     "Design and Implementation of new Protocol to Provide VPN in Application Layer"
  • Jangha Kim, Hanseong Park and Sang-wook Kim
    "Implementation of User Environment in IPMP System"

  • When : April 24-16, 2003
  • Where : Cheju National University

    square03_bluegreen.gif JCCI 2003

  • Hyunju Lee, Sangwook Kim
    "An Effective Management Technique of MPEG-4 Scene Description"

  • When : April 30 ~ May 2, 2003

square27_bluegreen.gif  May

    square03_bluegreen.gif 2003 KoreaMultimedia Society

  • Sookyoung Lee, Kyungae Cha, Sangwook Kim
    "An Adaptation Technique for Various Terminals of MPEG-4 Contents by an Object-based Scaling"
  • Youngsoon Lim, Sookyoung Lee, Heesun Kim, Sangwook Kim
    "Transformation of   XMT-Ω into SMIL"

  • When : May 23 ~ 24, 2003
  • Where : Tongmyong University of Information Technology University, Busan

square27_bluegreen.gif  June

    square03_bluegreen.gif ITRC Forum 2003

  • When : June 4 ,2003
  • Where : Seoul KyoYuk MunHwa HoeKwan

    square03_bluegreen.gif The Summer Vacation

  • When : June 23 ~ August 31, 2003

square27_bluegreen.gif  July

    square03_bluegreen.gifEALPIIT 2003

  • Sang-hyun Kim, Sangwook Kim
    "Development of Secure Control System of Home Appliances with Tunneling between Mobile devices and Home Gateway"
  • Bo-Seok Park, Sangwook Kim
    "Security Event Correlation Mechanism based on ECL"

  • When : July 6-9 ,2003
  • Where : National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

square27_bluegreen.gif  August

    square03_bluegreen.gifIMSA 2003

  • Donghoon Lee, Namyoung Kim, Sangwook Kim
    "The Event Manager for Efficient Event Processing in MPEG-4 Player"
  • When : August 13-15 ,2003
  • Where : Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

square27_bluegreen.gif  October

    square03_bluegreen.gifThe 30th KISS Fall Conference

  • Kyung-Ae Cha, Sangwook Kim
    "Adaptive Scheme for Streaming MPEG-4 contents using Multiple Streams"
  • Sookyoung Lee, Kyung-Ae Cha, Sangwook Kim
    "The Adaptibe MPEG-4 Contents Authoring for PDA"
  • Hanseong Park, Jangha Kim, Donghoon Lee, Sangwook Kim, Changsik Cho, Pyeongsoo Mah
    "MMS Player supporing Various Operating System"
  • Youngsoon Lim, Heesun Kim, Sookyoung Lee, Sangwook Kim
    "A XMT AuthoringTool supporting SMIL Transformation"
  • Dongphil Kim, Byoungwook Baek, Sangwook Kim
    "A Wireless Network Monitorning and Integrated Management System"
  • When : October 24-25 ,2003
  • Where : Konkuk University, Seoul

square27_bluegreen.gif  November

    square03_bluegreen.gif 2003 KICS Fall Conference

  • Byungwook Song, Heejin Jang, Chulbum Kang, Hyunchul Bae, Sangwook Kim, Sanghun Lee, Dowhan Kim, Eungki Park
    "Security Management Mechanism for Large-Scale Network "
  • When : November 22 ,2003
  • Where : Korea University, Seoul

square27_bluegreen.gif  December

    square03_bluegreen.gif 2003 CISC Winter Conference

  • Dongphil Kim, Byungwook Back, Sangwook Kim
    "A Status Monitoring Agent Design and Implementation for wireless lan security management "
  • Byungwook Song, Heejin Jang, Chulbum Kang, Hyunchul Bae, Sangwook Kim, Sanghun Lee, Dowhan Kim, Eungki Park
    "Network Security Policy Management based on KeyNote "
  • When : December 6 ,2003
  • Where : Hanyang University, Seoul

    square03_bluegreen.gif The 11th KISS Youngnam Branch Conference

  • Hynchul Bae, Chulbum Kang, Byungwook Song, Heejin Jang, Sangwook Kim
     "Policy Language Design & Implementatin for Network Security Management"
  • Jangha Kim, Hansung Park, Donghun Lee, Sangwook Kim
     "Media Play Methodology in Ubiquitous Environment"
  • Songlu Lee, Youngsoon Lim, Sangwook Kim
     "The Implementation of MPEG-4 Scene Authoring and Preview"
  • Hyungyu Park, Sukyung Ju, Heyeon Chon, Sangwook Kim
     "PPT_SLIDER: A Slider of PowerPoint based on Gesture Recognition"
  • When : December 19 ,2003
  • Where : Bukyung University, Busan