MPEG-4 Studio is MPEG-4 Contents Authoring Tool and Player developed in Computer Language and Multimedia laboratory, Computer Science Department, Kyungpook National University in Korea.

Using MPEG-4 Studio, you can build your interactive audiovisual scene with WYSIWYG technique such as dragging icons from a toolbar onto a page.
The audiovisual scene is interpreted as text form of scene description and then it is encoded into BIFS(BInary  Format for Scenes) stream, OD(Object Descriptor) stream and AV(Audio/Visual) stream.
These MPEG4 streams are transferred a remote site with MPEG-4 Stream presenter.

MPEG-4 Studio is suitable for building applications that deliver real-time information or controlled message, like sales and marketing presentations, internet broadcasting, remote education and so on.

MPEG-4 Studio



Please contact us, if you are interested in MPEG-4 Studio for research aim and (or) you have any questions.

And if you are to use MPEG-4 Studio with commercial intention, you can buy MPEG-4 Studio.

In above all cases, let us know your detail description of the usage and personal profile.

We'll review your message and send more detail research or purchase information with tryout version of MPEG-4 Studio.